The Beauty of Giving Things Away

Lately, I’ve been feeling inspired to revamp my closet. Already gave away a handful of ugly, tattered clothes I can’t bear to look at any more: those cheap polyester tops in black and navy, which were adorably cut- just made out of the wrong material; my beautiful China-print blue and ivory dress I got in Tahoe, which was darling but never fit quite right; that frightful black brief case that I loved so much that I used it pretty much everyday for 2 years.

Neatly sorting away my clothes into “for donation” bins, I realized something: it’s astonishing how good it feels to get rid of things. We often don’t think about it, but staring at that hideous cardigan we despise does tremendous damage to the psyche. Our inner aesthete needs beauty and is deeply disturbed by anything unappealing or offensive.

That purple 60s print wrap dress that never fit in the bust and reminds us of an unfortunate impulse buy.

That uncomfortable, itchy sweater filled with holes.

Our outward surroundings determine our inner peace.

If we’re surrounded by raggedy, misshapen clothing that has never fit us quite right, if everyday when we step into our closets, we’re assaulted by an onslaught of regrettable choices and impulse buys, we’ll feel shitty indeed.

But if we make a conscious effort to cultivate a sense of order and elegance by simplifying our wardrobe, we’ll feel happier and more confident. Plus I’m a firm believer that you can only attract new things into your life when you discard the old. So get rid of some of your worn, outdated clothes and make room for all the lovely pieces you’ll soon own.




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